Attractions / Recreation in Kaanapali

Scuba Diving
On Kaanapali Beach vacationers can visit Kaanapali Dive. Certified divers take beginners and advanced divers for a scuba adventure with two tanks, allowing beginners to accustom themselves to the scuba experience. Vacationers begin with the first of two tanks in a pool; then, with the other tank, the group transitions to the ocean for a magnificent scuba experience in the seas. It's a scuba experience for both beginners and seasoned scuba divers alike as professional divers guide participants each step of the way.

Wake Boarding
Charter a private boat with friends and family in Kaanapali Beach for riding wake boards across the surface of the clear Hawaiian water. This water sport energizes and thrills vacationers as a 23-foot boat pulls the wake board across the water's surface. The boats can be chartered at Maui Wake Board on Kaanapali Beach in front of Whaler's Village. Vacationers may choose to wake board early in the day or later in the evening for an unforgettable adventure.

UFO Parasailing takes vacationers on a parasailing adventure in Kaanapali Beach. No experience is needed to enjoy the time above the sea while a boat attached to the parasail glides vacationers at heights reaching 1200 feet into the air. The parasail is attached to this boat for launching and landing. No experience is needed to enjoy this uplifting and exhilarating experience.

Cliff Diving
Kaanapali's cliff diving at Black Rock is a popular attraction for vacationers. This is a Kaanapali Beach ritual having spiritual and historic connections to Hawaii's past. Torches are lit in the area, then an island diver climbs to the top of Black Rock, tosses a lit torch into the seas and dives in. This ceremony is held each evening when the sun goes down. It's an enjoyable attraction following a day of sightseeing and water sports.

Dinner Cruise Buffet
For a glorious evening experience, vacationers may enjoy a buffet dinner at sea. Teralani Sunset Sailing offers an exquisite dinner buffet cruise on a 65-foot boat called a catamaran. The cruise sets off from Kaanapali Beach for this extraordinary dining experience. The catamaran remains at sea for a dinner buffet offering a wide selection of foods and open bar. The length of the dinner at sea lasts for more than two hours before the catamaran returns to Kaanapali Beach for the evening.